Prepping for War – Rabbis Ban Vaccines – Singing on Saturday and more


IDF launches surprise reservist drill amid month-long exercise series in north

Sudden call-up meant to test readiness of reserve troops in event of outbreak of war on the Lebanese border against Hezbollah terror group


Republican lawmakers urge US not to open consulate in Jerusalem

The Biden administration is looking to reopen the consulate in Jerusalem that previous president Donald Trump closed.

Health/Corona Virus

Group of Rabbis issue Halachic ban on getting the mRNA Vaccines after hearing expert testimony


Orthodox singer Narkis stuns as Israeli wins best designer at Dubai fashion festival

When 50 percent is 100 percent

The Jewish people are asked to contribute a “half-shekel” toward building the sanctuary in this week’s Torah portion Ki Tisa. There are a number of explanations of why a “half” shekel was mandated by God and not a full shekel. I’d like to suggest an answer based on an event that happened this past Shabbat.

We celebrated the completion of Tractate Yoma as part of the Daf Yomi cycle at the third meal in our local Shul. A fellow congregant asked me if I was one of the celebrants who had completed the tractate. I smiled and said, “Yes, but with some gaps.” Out of the 88 pages, I had missed about 10 that I hadn’t made up yet. Life happens.

My Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Noah Weinberg Zt’l taught us that Judaism and Torah are not “all or nothing.” Of course we are obligated to keep all of the 613 commandmants, and that is our goal. But we have to remember that Torah and Mitzvot are tools to build a relationship with the Almighty. And just like our human relationships are not “all or nothing.” The same is true of our relationship with God. I may forget to buy a gift for my wife on our anniversary, but that doesn’t negate all the times I called her on the phone just to say I was thinking of her. God cherishes every act we do for the sake of our relationship with Him even if we sometimes mess up.

The yetzer hara tries to trip us up by telling us Torah and Judaism are all or nothing. “If you can’t commit to being at Daf Yomi every night for SEVEN YEARS, why bother starting?” If I would have given in to that logic, I would have ended up with zero pages of Talmud, rather than the 78 pages of Yoma that I can keep with me for eternity.

Perhaps that’s what the Almighty is hinting at by telling us, “just bring HALF a shekel.” Sometimes 50% can mean as much to our relationship with God as 100%. And by taking pleasure in the things that we do accomplish, it will motivate us to strive for accomplishing even more.

Businessman’s Guide to Prayer

You are not alone if you find prayer, especially in a minyan, difficult.

Not everyone is naturally spiritual.

In this lively lecture presented to a group of visiting businessmen to Jerusalem, Rabbi Veffer shares practical tips on how to make prayer meaningful and relevant in terms that a business person can relate to.

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Businessman’s Guide to Prayer

What’s With All the Eating?

Someone once summarized all of Jewish history in less than 10 words…

They tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat!

If spirituality is supposed to be the opposite of materialism, why to we have so much emphasis on eating meals on Shabbat and Jewish Festivals… not to mention Bris’s and Weddings?

In this short interview by Adrienne Gold, Rabbi Veffer explains in his unique way why food is such a central part of Judaism.

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Is Religion a Crutch?

Is religion a crutch for weak? Only for people who can’t stand on their own two feet in life? Or is it something to lean on…

Those are the questions Adrienne Gold challenged me with in this lively 13 minute audio interview.

Listen to how in reality, even the most successful people in the world won’t be able to achieve their potentials without it!

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Something to Lean On

The Jerusalem Conspiracy

The Jerusalem ConspiracyBeautiful Rachel Stein returns to the Middle East to track down the terrorist who murdered her fiancee. Unwittingly she becomes entangled in a diabolical scheme which could be the most dangerous and fateful conspiracy in the history of the State of Israel.

Rachel is a prime suspect in the Israeli Government’s race against time to find the group plotting to carry out the Jerusalem Conspiracy.


(Note from Author – This novel was a best seller in Israel for much of 1996 and 1997. It was written after the Oslo accords were signed and a terror onslaught was unleashed by the Palestinians, murdering thousands of Israel citizens. A grass roots movement began made up of mostly religious and right-wing settlers to protest, and either slow down, or stop the Oslo “peace process.”

This is my account of these tense years in Israel’s history written under my pseudonym “Charles Samuel.” If you ever wanted to understand the real motivations of the right-wing settlers, and not what you read in the press, this book will give you an insider’s view. Sadly, it is as fresh and relevant today as it was then.)

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“This superbly crafted thriller will keep you turning pages late into the night. A rare and riveting insider’s view of how extremists think …and act. I loved it.”Alan M. Dershowitz

“A gripping thriller to the very last page. If I were you, I
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“This book will shake you up …Riveting from beginning to end.” Larry King


Mobi File – $8.99

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