‘Israel Abandoned – or a Nation Alone?’

Passover is over, and the Festival was a quiet one for us. Because of the war, we stayed close to home. A rocket barrage could come from Lebanon (and now I guess Iran) at any time. But it gave me time to read and study, which helped provide insights into the miraculous times we are […]

Respect Ramadan?

The US and the rest of the world are pressuring Israel for a pause in the war before Ramadan For Moslems, March 10, 2024 will be the beginning of the Islamic festival of Ramadan. They spend the entire month fasting from Dawn to Dusk. There is tremendous pressure, particularly from the Biden Administration to reach […]

Palestinian Terrorist “Children” Released from Jail

Palestinian Terrorists “Children” Released from Jail As wonderful as it is to have had 66 out of 240 hostages released to date, I refuse to fall into the trap of posting heartwarming photos of cute curly-haired Israeli 4-year-old orphans reunited with family members. Those photos distract us from the reality we are still facing, and […]

They target our little ones… We rescue the orphans

The photo and caption above was sent to me by a close personal friend. The medic is his work colleague. This is not Shalom Avitan’s job, he is a volunteer.Our enemies target our little ones – shooting them in the head, burning them alive and even decapitating them. We rescue the orphans they missed. My […]

Who is the Supreme Authority in Israel?

Who is the Supreme Authority in Israel? This cartoon by my friend Yaakov Kirschen points out the absurdity in what is going on in the State of Israel this week. Days before Rosh HaShana (which we also call Yom HaDin – the Day of Judgment) Israel’s Supreme court was hearing arguments about whether or not […]

Not all bad news in Israel – Vietnam & Israel ink deal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Vietnamese Deputy Premier Tran Luu Quang Attend Signing of Israel-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement in Jeruslem on July 25,2023 It’s not all bad news in Israel While the world (and Israeli) press have been focused on the hyperbolic claims of “imminent collapse of democracy” and “civil war” in Israel, life here […]

How to heal Israeli Society and the World

The photo above popped up on my Facebook feed from three years ago. I was astonished to realize it is even MORE true today, in both Israel and the USA (as well as many other parts of the worlds) A few weeks ago, I discussed the “shared values” between the USA and Israel that were […]

ISRAEL & USA : Which shared values?

This week Israeli President Isaac Herzog visited with USA President Joe Biden in the Oval Office. This honor is usually reserved for the Prime Minister of a newly elected government of Israel who is the true political leader of the State of Israel. The President of Israel is a ceremonial position that is supposed to […]

Terrorizing the Terrorists

Last week we learned in the Torah portion Balak, about how the Midianites seduced the Jewish men and caused them to sin with the women of Moab and worship their idol Peor. In the end, the Princess of the Midianites, Cozbi, had relations with Zimri, head of the Tribe of Shimon in front of the […]

Bilaam’s Curse: Are our tents vulnerable today?

The Prophet Bilaam and King Balak of Moab gazing down at the Israelite camp “How Goodly are Your Tents, O Jacob!” This week’s Torah portion read in Israel (Balak -Numbers 22:2-25:9) tells us about King Balak’s attempt to curse the Nation of Israel. Before entering the Land of Israel, the Jews were encamped on the […]

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