Respect Ramadan?

The US and the rest of the world are pressuring Israel for a pause in the war before Ramadan

For Moslems, March 10, 2024 will be the beginning of the Islamic festival of Ramadan. They spend the entire month fasting from Dawn to Dusk.

There is tremendous pressure, particularly from the Biden Administration to reach a hostage deal and ceasefire before Ramadan so as not to offend the sensibilities of the Arab and Moslem world.

Many on social media have pointed out that Ramadan never stopped Moslems from attacking Israel. In addition to being a month of fasting, it has also, historically, been a month of Jihad and Conquest. The Yom Kippur War was initiated during Ramadan on one of the holiest days of the Jewish Calendar.

Here’s an example of one post:


The majority of “Israel supporters” have made similar comments. However there are quite a few who are outraged by this attitude, saying, “Just because they don’t respect our holy days, doesn’t mean we should stoop to the level of the terrorists. We should be better than them, and honor their holy days!”

I disagree with both approaches, as you will see below.


“Judaism” is often attacked as a “religion” that focuses too much on “law.”

Torah is not a “religion.” The Torah (Written and Oral) are the “Constitution and Legal Code” of the Nation of Israel. Every developed nation requires a “constitution” which represents the “values” of the Nation, and a Legal Code that puts those values into day to day life.

Our Torah constitution and Torah legal code address every area of life (similar to any other Nation like the USA, Canada, UK, EU etc). The Torah not only deals with “religious issues” like Kosher dietary laws, prayer, and Shabbat and Festival observance, but it deals with civil, criminal and family law. It even deals with the “Laws of War!”


Unlike our enemies who worship terrorists who die while killing  innocent Jews, Torah places a supreme value on preserving life.

So much so, that the laws of the Sabbath and Festivals are temporarily put aside in a situation where there is a possibility of the loss of life. For example, we would suspend the laws of Shabbat in order to drive a woman to the hospital who is about to give birth because it is a potentially life-threatening situation.

This war is a defensive war. The lives of the people of our Nation are threatened with annihilation. In this case, we are obligated to set aside even our own holy days (Shabbat and Festivals) in order to stop our enemies from killing us. All the more so, should we put aside “their” festival of Ramadan while we fight to eliminate our enemies before they can kill us.

May our leaders continue to be guided by these Torah principles and not buckle to international pressure from parties who have their own interests in mind.

May we continue to fight our enemies until they are eliminated with the Almighty’s help and the Nation of Israel can live in peace in our Land.

With blessings and prayers for peace

Shmuel Veffer

Respect Ramadan?

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