What people are saying…

“The people in our Bible study group all feel the same way. We are so thankful for you taking the time and for you being willing to teach us…”

— Lindsay Ingalls, Bridges for Peace

“It was enlightening and thought provoking. Loved being part of it, Thanks for all your inclusiveness to have us hear your teachings.”

— Vicky Babcock, Coleville, Washington

“To have this privilege of learning with a Rabbi who knows God in such a personal way has been wonderful….”

— Tish Deffenbaugh, Greenville, North Carolina

“Thank you. It was a great evening at our hotel in Tiberias!”

— Emily Withers Smith – Group Leader, Cullman, Alabama

“We enjoyed your teaching today so much.  I didn’t want it to end.   It is bringing me closer to my roots.  Truly thankful for all you are doing.”

— Marcia & Lin Applegate, Wilmington, Delaware

“Rabbi you did a masterful job of leading us and getting us closer to the Land of Israel. I want to come live next door!”

— Blake Honeycutt, Greenville, North Carolina

“It was a wonderful session – such clarity and profound teaching expressed in the simplest of terms. Loved it.”

— Michelle Kahn, Thornhill, Ontario

“Thank you so much for your time that you take teaching us the Torah.”

— Diann & Macon Pierce, Greenville, North Carolina

“Thank you for the great lessons and sharing your knowledge with us.”

— Ursula Unterman, Helsingborg, Sweden

“I thoroughly enjoyed this lesson about the Names of God.”

— Shelda Randall, Vidor, Texas

“Thank you. I loved the lesson!”

— Eloisa Corebell, Odessa, Texas

“Todah Rabbah. I really enjoyed hearing the history and visualizing in my memory the Land of Israel and Jerusalem.”

— Dolly Tabor, Seneca, South Carolina


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