Businessman’s Guide to Prayer

You are not alone if you find prayer, especially in a minyan, difficult. Not everyone is naturally spiritual. In this lively lecture presented to a group of visiting businessmen to Jerusalem, Rabbi Veffer shares practical tips on how to make prayer meaningful and relevant in terms that a business person can relate to. Left Click […]

What’s With All the Eating?

Someone once summarized all of Jewish history in less than 10 words… They tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat! If spirituality is supposed to be the opposite of materialism, why to we have so much emphasis on eating meals on Shabbat and Jewish Festivals… not to mention Bris’s and Weddings? In this short […]

Is Religion a Crutch?

Is religion a crutch for weak? Only for people who can’t stand on their own two feet in life? Or is it something to lean on… Those are the questions Adrienne Gold challenged me with in this lively 13 minute audio interview. Listen to how in reality, even the most successful people in the world […]

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