Palestinian Terrorist “Children” Released from Jail

Palestinian Terrorists “Children” Released from Jail

As wonderful as it is to have had 66 out of 240 hostages released to date, I refuse to fall into the trap of posting heartwarming photos of cute curly-haired Israeli 4-year-old orphans reunited with family members.

Those photos distract us from the reality we are still facing, and encourage the world to side with the enemy’s suffering. That is exactly what Hamas wants to gain.

Above, you see a photo of the “Palestinian children” we had to release from Israeli prisons in exchange for our innocent hostages. If the terrorists released from Israeli prison are under 19 years old, they are considered “children.” Among the released is Israa Jaabis, convicted of attempting a suicide bombing near Jerusalem. The rest had all been charged with or convicted of terror-related crimes, including attempted murder.

Notice the “innocent Palestinian civilians” applauding and welcoming home the terrorists in the photograph.

This is our reality. The world thinks we are trading “children” for “children.”

The Hamas “Ministry of Health” posts casualty figures claiming that over 14,500 Palestinians have been killed in the current war and that the majority are women and “children.”

If you look at the breakdown by the Gazans, NO HAMAS TERRORISTS have been killed in the war with Israel!!!

A large percentage of the Hamas terrorists are trained teenagers… i.e “children” according to Palestinians.

Tens of thousands of teenagers attend Hamas military training camps each year.

In fact Gazan women and children took part in the October 7 massacre!

According to the IDF, THOUSANDS of Hamas terrorists have been killed… yet no mention of them by Hamas… they are simply rolled into their total casualty figures.

In probably the biggest capitulation to the terrorist lies was US President Biden’s apology to Muslim-American leaders for himself questioning the accuracy of the death toll figures from the Gazan Ministry of Health.

Eventually most, if not all, of the world will turn against us, and we will be left to fight this evil on our own – with the Almighty’s help.

With blessings for Peace!

Rabbi Shmuel Veffer

Palestinian Terrorist “Children” Released from Jail

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