How to be happy when the Iranians want to destroy us!

ShmuelWhen the month of Adar arrives, joy increases! How do we do that in the face of annihilation?

How can we be happy when our Iranian enemies are pushing ahead with their plan to destroy the State of Israel?

This isn’t the first time a madman in Iran (Persia) has threatened the Jewish people with annihilation.

On the 14th of the month Adar (15th in Jerusalem) we celebrate the Festival of Purim. About 2300 years ago, it was Haman, King Achashverosh’s advisor purimwho plotted to kill us. But behind the scenes God foiled his plan and we survived.

Here’s a quick video overview of the main theme’s in the Book of Esther narrated by my great friend and historian Rabbi Ken Spiro.

Sometimes we get so caught up in “politics” that we forget that it is the Almighty who controls history. He will never abandon His Promise to the Eternal Nation of Israel.

We must do our part to try to move history in the direction of His Will.  Esther feared to speak up on behalf of her people when she had not been invited by the King Achashverosh. Mordechai reminded Esther that God ran history and it was up to her to do the right thing and share in fulfilling Jewish history. God would take care of the rest.

Today we must encourage Prime Minister Netanyahu (along with anyone who wants to support the Nation of Israel) to speak up for his People and continue to act act against the evil intentions of the Iranians, even if he is not invited by the “King.”

Here are links to learn more about Rabbi Ken Spiros books and to order them!


How to be happy when the Iranians want to destroy us!

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