Fighting for Democracy in Israel?

R. Shmuel Veffer

You may be confused by the headlines coming from Israel. Large protests are taking place against the Netanyahu Government’s proposed reforms to reduce the power of the Supreme Court’s ability to strike down laws passed by the Knesset.

I’d have to give a one-hour zoom session to explain in detail what is really happening, but the argument comes down to…

Who is the ultimate authority in the State of Israel?

1. The People (via their elected representatives in the Knesset)? or
2. The unelected Supreme Court Justices?

For Americans, a democracy is, as Lincoln articulated it, a Government “of the People, by the People, for the People.” The People through their elected representatives are the supreme authority. Remember, the Americans established their Republic in response to the tyranny of George III and his government, so they wanted “freedom” and “democracy.”

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When God took the People of Israel out of the slavery of Egypt, he gave them Herut (Liberty), not Freedom (to do what they desired).
(watch the video to learn more about this topic)

They were liberated from the tyranny of being slaves to Pharaoh, to becoming servants of the Almighty.

After we received the Torah (Oral and Written Law) in Sinai, God’s Law became the Law of the Nation of Israel to be observed and followed in the Land of Israel.

In God’s system, the ultimate authority rests not in the People, nor in the Supreme Court (Sanhedrin) nor the King.. but in God Himself.

The Real Argument

That is what the real argument in Israel is about. Is God Supreme, or are the Courts Supreme?

The non-religious fear a Khomeini type tyrannical government if God is Supreme. The religious fear Israel will self destruct into a woke secular madness if the unelected liberal progressive Justices are allowed to have the final say about what a Jewish State means.

For those who are arguing for a Supreme Court to provide “checks and balances” to the Knesset Legislation… I would ask, “Where is the check and balance to ensure any legislation by the Knesset or decision handed down by the Supreme Court is consistent with Torah Law?”

Stay tuned. Those of us who study Jewish History and Torah and the Prophets know how this ends. It’s an evolutionary process to see Jewish values returning to the Jewish People in the Land of Israel.

With blessings from the Galilee for peace and harmony among brothers!

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Rabbi Shmuel Veffer
Founder, Galilee Green

Fighting for Democracy in Israel?

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