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How to be happy when the Iranians want to destroy us!

When the month of Adar arrives, joy increases! How do we do that in the face of annihilation? How can we be happy when our Iranian enemies are pushing ahead with their plan to destroy the State of Israel? This isn’t the first time a madman in Iran (Persia) has threatened the Jewish people with […]

Fighting for Democracy in Israel?

You may be confused by the headlines coming from Israel. Large protests are taking place against the Netanyahu Government’s proposed reforms to reduce the power of the Supreme Court’s ability to strike down laws passed by the Knesset. I’d have to give a one-hour zoom session to explain in detail what is really happening, but […]

New Israeli Government – Same old Anti-Israel Hyperbole from the world

This week Prime Minister Netanyahu’s new government was finally installed. As we’ve mentioned, it is a Right-Wing/Religious coalition which is opposed to many policies of the succession of progressive, leftist governments who have slowly made “democratic values” more important than “Jewish values” in the Jewish State. Similar in a way to the MAGA – America […]

Joseph Revealing Himself to His Brothers

This week’s Torah portion, VaYigash (Gen. 44:18-47-27) is one of the most dramatic in the entire Torah. After having been rejected and sold into slavery in Egypt by his own brothers, Joseph rose to be the viceroy. When famine struck Canaan and Egypt the brothers were forced to descend to Egypt to buy some food. […]

Kill us, or love us to death…

Detail from a mosaic from a public building in the mixed Jewish/Roman village of Tzipori (Sephorris). Roman and Greek culture was everywhere. There have been two basic strategies to destroy the Jewish People throughout history. 1. KILL US The most obvious one is to go to war with us and physically kill us.. like Haman […]

Don’t Point Fingers During Elul

As I watched President Biden’s speech on September 1, I was astonished to see him point his finger and say, “MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” Not only was he declaring tens of millions of his own citizens enemies of the State, but he was basically pointing the […]

Student Loan Forgiveness – What does the Torah say?

Shalom from Tiveryah! US President Biden announced a Student Loan forgiveness plan which has stirred up quite a storm in America. There are passionate supporters for the program, and passionate opinions against. Economic repercussions as well as moral and ethical issues are being argued. As an Israeli, I don’t have a horse in this race, […]

We Pray – They Slay

Motzei Shabbat – Saturday night is a time many residents and tourists choose to visit the Old City of Jerusalem and pray at the Western Wall. Saturday night, August 13 2022, as Jewish families were boarding a public bus just outside the Old City gate near the Western Wall, a local Arab terrorist opened fire […]

The 3-Day War – Investigate the Miracles!

Since last week’s newsletter there were two major events here in Israel…. we observed the fast of Tisha B’av on Shabbat and Sunday and we had a war that started and ended over the same “long” weekend. RECAP OF EVENTS Last Monday, a PIJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) leader was arrested by the IDF in Jenin […]

The Edge of the Universe… Who saw it coming?

WHO SAW IT COMING? The world was stunned by the first images coming from the James Webb space telescope. Never before had we seen images with such clarity and from so deep into space. In fact the headlines screamed, “James Webb telescope takes us to the edge of the universe!” Does this present us with […]

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