“Where creativity oozes and courage reigns”

Rabbi Chanina said, “I have learned much from my teachers, more from my colleagues, and the most from my students” (Ta’anit 7a).

I always try to teach my students to love the Land of Israel with all their heart and soul. Here are the wonderful words of one of my treasured students who teaches this idea in a way I never could.

“I am grateful for the Land of Israel: a land that allows us to bloom fully in our natural habitat, a place where “Odd or God?” moments are as ubiquitous as the rosemary-scented hedges and the trailing Bougainvillea. The only place in the Middle East where all people have a voice……..where creativity oozes and courage reigns.”

Adrienne Gold, JWRP

Adrienne is a teacher and group leader who brings unaffiliated Jewish women from all over the world on study missions to Israel to help connect them with the Land, People and Torah of Israel.

“Where creativity oozes and courage reigns”

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