According to the Effort is the Reward

We are not in control of results in this world. Only God is.

We can only control how much effort we choose to put into a task to help achieve our goals.

In the Mishna, Ben Heh Heh teaches us, “According to the Effort is the Reward.” That means, when we undertake a job consistent with God’s will, we will be judged not by the results, but by the effort we put into overcoming the obstacles in our way.

When you care so deeply about what God wants, that you are willing to suffer through trials and tribulations in order to attempt to achieve it, you necessarily deepen your relationship with Him in a very profound way… whether or not you achieve the results in this world.  That is our ultimate reward.

This is what the same Yavne’el Valley in the Galilee looks like today — over 100 years later.

yavneel valley

According to the Effort is the Reward

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