Don’t Point Fingers During Elul

As I watched President Biden’s speech on September 1, I was astonished to see him point his finger and say, “MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

Not only was he declaring tens of millions of his own citizens enemies of the State, but he was basically pointing the finger at former President Donald Trump and the Republican party and blaming them for all the Nation’s problems.

Elections Just Around the Corner

The USA Elections are on November 8.

Israeli Elections are on November 1.

In recent times, the most effective campaign strategy is to run a negative campaign against your opponent rather than try to sell your track record or policies to the voters.

This is true in the USA as well as Israel.

USA and Israeli politics have become very intertwined.

For example, Ehud Barak hired US political consultant James Carville (Bill Clinton’s campaign manager) to help him in his campaign against Binyamin Netanyahu in 1999.

Now, virtually all parties in all democratic elections around the world use the same tactic.

Finger pointing rules the day.

Election Day is Judgement Day

In a democratic election, Election Day is effectively “Judgement Day.” The voters are the Judges, and they vote to determine if the candidates will “live” or “die” politically.

The campaign is a time for each candidate to present their case to the “judges” arguing why they should be granted four years to accomplish their “agenda.”

So, first they have to present their “agenda” and convince the “judges” that it is consistent with their vision for the country. Second they have to convince the “judges” that they are trustworthy and capable to execute the agenda.

Rosh HaShana is Election Day

Learn why we call the first day of the seventh month Rosh HaShanah – New Year

This year the first day of Rosh HaShana is September 26.

In Jewish consciousness, Rosh HaShana is Yom HaDin (The Day of Judgment).

We stand before the Almighty King of the Universe to learn if we will receive a positive judgement and be “inscribed in the Book of Life” for another year. In other words, will God, the Supreme Judge, vote for us?

Elul is Campaign Month

Before Rosh HaShana, we are given 30 days to make our case to the Almighty during the Hebrew month of Elul.

Effectively we are running a “re-election” campaign and trying to justify that we deserve another year.

Obviously we made many mistakes this past year. Elul is a time for reviewing our mistakes, “owning them”, regretting them, asking forgiveness and resolving not to repeat them. This process is called Teshuva – Repentance.

Pointing the finger at someone else and blaming them for your errors is not going to win you any votes of confidence from God.

Just ask Adam and Eve how that worked out for them when Adam pointed the finger at Eve, and Eve pointed her finger at the Serpent when they each messed up.

In addition to owning up to our mistakes and resolving to fix them, we also need to adjust our priorities in life to ensure that our goals are consistent with the Almighty’s goals for us and His world.

Real Leaders Don’t Point Fingers

Yehuda earned the Kingship of Israel and the Davidic Dynasty primarily because he was willing to admit to his mistakes. And also follow God’s agenda rather than his own. Humility (lack of ego) is a prerequisite for Leaders of Israel.

The healthy future of Israel and the USA are both dependent on leaders who:

  1. control their egos and become servants of the entire nation
  2. have a healthy fear and love of God to create an agenda based on God’s values
  3. take responsibility for and admit their own mistakes and then change direction
  4. don’t point fingers

May we merit leaders like this, soon in our days.

Don’t Point Fingers During Elul

4 thoughts on “Don’t Point Fingers During Elul

  1. Thank you for this relevant comment! “No Finger-pointing” might seriously limit the mud-slinging which happens during most political campaigns these days. Wouldn’t that be a mercy if the candidates ran on a platform of “humility” and worked hard to show us how humble (and thus worthy of our vote) they are?! In fact, the two greatest nations on earth–Israel and the USA–are great only to the degree that they honor and serve the God of Israel. As we push Him aside from our national consciousness, we become more and more like the nations around us, and descend into their darkness…

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