Amen – What does it mean?

We say it all the time. What are we doing when we say, “Amen?”

The word AMEN אמן is related to the Hebrew verb LeHa’amin להאמין which is commonly translated as “to believe.” The Hebrew root AMN, (aleph, mem, nun  א-מ-ן) really is closer in meaning to “trust.”

Ne’eman נאמן means “trusted.” The kind of trust which is earned based on observed results. Hence, oman אומן meaning “craftsman.” An oman is someone who can be trusted to produce the best possible artifact based on a past track record.

Amen is an affirmation of trust in a statement known to be true based on evidence.

LeHa’amin (to believe) is the causative form of the verb. “Belief” in Hebrew really means; “to cause an affirmation of trust in someone or something based on the truth of an observed reality.”

Belief in God, according to the Sefer HaChinukh, is accomplished by establishing in your mind the truth of this trust.

You affirm that God is a trusted and perfect Creator by responding “amen” to a statement related to Him. such as a “Giver of knowledge,” “Healer of sick,” etc. You are declaring to the world that God can be trusted to accomplish these acts in a perfect way.

The public affirmation of this trust (responding “amen”) becomes part of the evidence that others will use to decide if He is trustworthy [ne’eman נאמן].

If you trust that what I shared with you above is true, please respond with “Amen” in the comments below!

Amen – What does it mean?

16 thoughts on “Amen – What does it mean?

  1. Jesus is the “Amen” of God … Rev 3:14…
    “Write this letter to the angel of the church in Laodicea. This is the message from the one who is the Amen—the faithful and true witness, the beginningfn of God’s new creation:

  2. Amein, Amein, Amein! My hope is in HaShem alone who is faithful and His Word is truth! Todah

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