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Tisha B’Av – Why the Temples were Destroyed

On the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av (Tisha B’av) both the first and second Temples were destroyed in Jerusalem. The Prophet Isaiah begins his book with a vision of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and what we need to do to repair the damage. But was the destruction of the […]

Matzah, Chametz and their Effect on our Body and Soul

 Join Rabbi Shmuel Veffer for a 30 minute discussion on how the Pesach diet affects our body and soul. Avoiding leavened bread and eating matzah (unleavened bread) is more than a symbolic representation of leaving Egypt and breaking the bonds of slavery. Every commandment affects us spiritually and physically… turning us into more spiritual […]

ROSH HASHANAH – NEW YEAR : for Israel and the Nations

The Torah states that the “First of the Months” (New Year) is at the time of the Exodus in the springtime. However, the Jewish People celebrate the first of the month of Tishrei (seven months later) as Rosh HaShanah – The New Year!! How do we resolve this seeming contradition… especially when the Torah calls […]

Miracles – Why they happen.. and Why they don’t

In Biblical Times miracles happened constantly it seems. Why don’t they happen like that anymore? We take a deep dive in defining what miracles are according to the Hebrew language, and discuss when we need them, and when we don’t. Notes and sources below the video!!! Source Sheets LINK TO PRINT THE SOURCE SHEET IN […]

“SIN” and “ATONEMENT” When the Temple is Destroyed

The First and Second Temples and the system of “sacrifices” played a key role in achieving “atonement” for “sins.” How does the Torah allow for repentance, forgiveness and atonement for sins when the Temple is destroyed and not yet rebuilt? The English terms for “sin” and “atonement” are not exactly what the Hebrew terms mean. […]

“Obedience” Does not appear in the Torah!

Very often people challenge me and say, “Judaism and “the Old Testament” is all about laws and obedience.” I answer, “Did you know that the Hebrew words for ‘obey’ and ‘obedience’ do not appear at all in the Torah? (5 books of Moses). Join us for a deep dive into what the Hebrew of the […]

Police or No Police – What does the Torah Say?

Do Police do more harm than good? Can’t we solve our problems on our own? What about corrupt Police and Judges? Aren’t all people basically good? This deep dive into this controversial topic will suprise you with its Torah insights. Notes and sources below the video!!! Source Sheets Thank you for participating in this Seminar […]

“What did the Jewish People REALLY receive at Mount Sinai?”

Was it… 5 Books of the Torah? … That was 40 years later! 2 Tablets of the Law? … That was 40 DAYS later! 10 Commandments? … Not exactly… Join us for a deep dive into that eventful day of Divine Revelation to learn what really was transmitted to the Nation of Israel. Source Sheet […]

Holy Holy Holy Jerusalem

During the Six Day War in 1967 on the 28th day of the Hebrew month of Iyar, Israeli troops captured the eastern part of the divided city of Jerusalem and repatriated the Holy City and the Temple mount to Jewish sovereignty. This was a liberation we had waited for, for almost 2000 years and part […]

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